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Firearm Ownership

The right to self defense is one of our most fundamental human rights. If you care about the vulnerable of society, you would advocate for their right to arm themselves. Armed people cannot be oppressed. Civically speaking, all Federal gun restrictions are unconstitutional. The only constitutional way of restricting gun ownership is by repealing or altering the Second Amendment. Good luck with that.




Every human being has the same fundamental natural rights. Every human has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Who you love, who you marry, what you wear, and what you do behind closed doors is no one's business but your own. As long as you are an adult and any participants are consenting adults - the
State has no authority over it. Just as I support your right to live as you choose, I also support the right for people to choose not to associate with it. Tolerance is the goal, not forced acceptance.



What about queer children? What about gender questioning children?

Children are impressionable. It is our duty to shield them from concepts they are not capable of fully understanding without hindering their quest to find who they are. Trans adults have full autonomy to ingest any pharmaceuticals they want or surgically alter their bodies anyway they please. Children cannot consent in such matters. By age 25, gender dysphoric children grow out of feelings of discontentment with their gender according to this study. The same study sights that being uncomfortable with your gender during adolescence is fairly common and will decrease as self worth increases naturally with maturity. Just wait until adulthood.



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