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The only thing you need to know about me, is I will fight for your freedom, even if you don't fully grasp what being free means.

I will show you the truth, even if you aren't ready for it, even when you reject it.

I will love you, even when you hate me.

My name is Lana and I'm a fighter.

Political & Social & Economic Positions

Pro Choice or Pro Life?

The abortion industry is a for profit business. It serves nothing but profiting off of women's bodies and their children's' bodies while simultaneously and effectively "cleansing" humanity from communities deemed unworthy of reproducing. There is a reason in the US low cost or free abortion clinics are in low income areas that are predominantly Black and Brown and uneducated. Globally, Planned Parenthood Federation has set up shop in India, Africa, and Latin America.

I believe that determining whether a human life is worthy of protecting is not dependent on developmental stage, cognitive ability, self awareness, size, appearance, convenience or any other arbitrary standard. Humans are inherently valuable and worthy of protection. LIFE, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

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What is your opinion on the Trans Community?

I don't have an opinion. Adults can do whatever the hell they want.

Oh, not what you meant? Maybe this is the answer you wanted.

Do you support same sex marriage?

Generally, yes. People can choose to be with, lay with, love and marry whomever they want. I don't think the government should be involved in the spiritual marital bonds that we make. Registering your marriage is forced on us for taxing and tracking purposes. We are the property of our government institutions. Religious institutions can reject or uphold any practice they choose as long as all parties consent and it is not physically or sexually harming children. I believe in freedom of religion. How involved our government is in every stage of our life should be alarming to more people.


 Are you religious?

Yes, but probably not in the way you think.

Are you Christian?



I do believe that social safety nets should exist. We have all fallen on hard times. We all eventually will need to lean on one another. However, they should be focused on actually pulling people out of poverty. Welfare states serve nothing but to keep people stuck in a poverty cycle for generations. This is done on purpose so you focus on surviving. Simply existing. They don't want you to thrive. The government gives you just enough to get you off their back but never enough to pull you out. Federal and local governments have spent trillions of dollars every year on antipoverty programs in last 60 years, what has it done?


Instead of throwing money at people, those efforts should go towards programs fighting against the prison industrial complex, teaching underprivileged people marketable skills and work houses. Social safety nets should have an expiration date.


Anyone should be welcome here who legally attains citizenship. There is a reason US citizenship is so coveted. Out borders should be more secure.

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Do you think the 2020 election was rigged?

I think elections have been rigged for at least 100 years. I believe in the theory of democratically electing your representation. In practice it always gets hijacked and replaced with the illusion of choice. This is all a ballet.

Are you a feminist?

Yes. I do not wish to live in a patriarchal system as much as your average man does not want to live in a matriarchy. Who wants to live in a structure that places certain people superior simply by virtue of existing with the right genitals? Who wants to live in a system where your labor and bloodline is valued less because of the arbitrary status you were born into? Oh right. We already do. If you have a hard understanding why one would not want to live under a patriarchy simply remember we already live in an oligarchy, and it sucks.

However, I do not support liberal feminism. I do not believe biological men can be women. I do not believe that sexual liberation benefits women; sex work and pornography exploits women and rots the brains of men and killing your children is not empowering. Its sad. Its pain. I'm a radical feminist ... mostly.

Was COVID 19 a hoax?

A hoax? Ask yourself this:
Does a farmer cull their flock for the benefit of the flock or the farm?

Is it easier to control animals when they are strong or paralyzed in fear?
Is it easier to control a sick animal or a healthy one?
Does a doctor make more money with illness or health?
Do you personally receive more resources when you have to share with more or less people?


Taxation is theft. Taxation should be a choice. Sales tax and property tax are examples of taxation that can be opted out of. Public schools should tax only families whose children attend.
Federal Income Tax should be abolished.
State/local tax should be a flat rate with receipts to every taxed citizen of what is being spent
and on what at the end of every tax year.
Every 3 years citizens of voting age can vote on where taxes will be spent.
The Government is our creation for our benefit, they should start acting like it.


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