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The United States military are death racketeers subsidized by the state. Since 2001 the US military has spent 6 trillion dollars, nearly all borrowed and accruing interest.

"When a statist ruler exhausts his own country’s economy, he attacks his neighbors. It is his only means of postponing internal collapse and prolonging his rule." - Ayn Rand


After 9/11, by 2003 support for the Iraq war sharply dropped. Yet, the war continued, decades later. 55% of Americans say that US Congress should not authorize additional funding to support Ukraine, while American support for Israel military actions has dropped to 36%. If the majority of Americans do not support continuing aid or the use of force in these conflicts, why does Congress keep beating the drum of war? How do we stop it?


By electing anti war representation to Congress.

Stop falling for the lie of "spreading democracy", "defending our country" or the "domino theory." If these were true, the people in countries with US presence would have political representation, freedom and opportunity. Instead they have a more powerful police state, displacement, destroyed economies and environments. The goal has never been about protecting people, but protecting state interest and maintaining power. The goal of the state has never been and will never be about ending wars, but to keep the wars going as long as possible and as profitable as possible.

Global intervention is not necessary to national defense.


The war machine has been allowed to turn for far too long. Our current foreign policy feels like part of who we are as Americans. Global policing through force has been fed to us as our duty and part of our culture. It isn't. We need to dismantle and take the power away from the military industrial complex.

I will push back against the Empire.

I am a committed, unwavering non-interventionist.

I support:

1. An immediate end to all government funded foreign aid.

2. Ending subsidies to corporate arms dealers.

3. Withdrawing from NATO.

4. Bringing every single American soldier home.

5. Closing all 800 American basis overseas.

6. Abolishing the draft.


"Men are told simultaneously that they will enter the military establishment of their own volition, as their splendid sacrifice for their country's welfare, and that if they do not enter they will be hunted down and punished with the most horrid penalties; and under a most indescribable confusion of democratic pride and personal fear they submit to the destruction of their livelihood if not their lives, in a way that would formerly have seemed to them so obnoxious as to be incredible." - Garet Garrett


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